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Welcome to The Trialogues Podcast with your hosts Mary Tibbitts, and me, Julia Jackson. In this podcast we talk about issues around mental health and we hope to offer you insights into the mental health world, not only for those who are suffering themselves, but also for families, friends, service providers, and the community as a whole.
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Jun 15, 2015

This episode is a part 2 of staying connection through psychosis. Mary starts the conversation talking about being aware of things outside of our consciousness that may be affecting safety in a dialogue. We go on to talk about another important factor in staying connected through psychosis or extreme mind-states, being willing to give up our love affair with our own reality because isolation and loneliness are among the most painful human experiences. To give up our love affair with our reality and stay connected is important in supporting health and healing. Mary goes on to give some great examples as to how to give up the love affair with our reality to offer connection.

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Empathy vs. sympathy video: Brené Brown on Empathy

Martin Buber - “I and Thou: Practicing Living Dialogue” book:

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