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Welcome to The Trialogues Podcast with your hosts Mary Tibbitts, and me, Julia Jackson. In this podcast we talk about issues around mental health and we hope to offer you insights into the mental health world, not only for those who are suffering themselves, but also for families, friends, service providers, and the community as a whole.
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Jul 15, 2015

In this episode Mary and I talk through ‘mutual recovery’ and mention ‘islands of clarity’. Mutual recovery is the idea that there is a dialogue between people on one side of the spectrum of mental health with those on the other, but really we are all working on ourselves in a variety of ways. So the dialogue is really between two people working on themselves.

We also challenge the idea that clinicians are “sane” and clients “ill” by talking through ways in which any one of us might be triggered. Mental illness is part of the human experience and part of our innate abilities is to understand people’s suffering because we have the capacity within ourselves to suffer and struggle.

In our next episode we are going to talk about some of the experiences that Mary had with clients at Windhorse and what she has learned, so make sure to subscribe.

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