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Welcome to The Trialogues Podcast with your hosts Mary Tibbitts, and me, Julia Jackson. In this podcast we talk about issues around mental health and we hope to offer you insights into the mental health world, not only for those who are suffering themselves, but also for families, friends, service providers, and the community as a whole.
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Jun 19, 2015


In thinking about working with conflict, hopelessness, and negativity Mary talks about an article by Patricia Deegan called “Recovery as a Journey of the heart.” Her article supports the dignity of those in recovery, the importance of regarding the journey as human, and the importance of connection to people. It’s an article that Mary gives to parents here at Windhorse and will be linked in the show notes. In the article Patricia talks about her journey through conflict, hopelessness, and despair and how all are a form of intelligence and learning. We end the episode with Mary going over the key points and takeaways for the article. 

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“Recovery as a Journey of the Heart”

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