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Welcome to The Trialogues Podcast with your hosts Mary Tibbitts, and me, Julia Jackson. In this podcast we talk about issues around mental health and we hope to offer you insights into the mental health world, not only for those who are suffering themselves, but also for families, friends, service providers, and the community as a whole.
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Jun 5, 2015

This is the last episode in our first 8 part series. Each of the last 8 episodes are taken from an hour long conversation between me and Mary. If you would like to hear the full hour, you can visit the Family page on our website. We will continue the podcast by going more in-depth on a variety of topics that influence the work that we do, and we also invite you to send any questions you would like us to answer to: subject: Podcast. All of our links will be accessible on the family page.


To wrap up our first 8 part series, Mary and I talk about just wanting to help people (and what help means), the importance of listening and curiosity, and end with our final thoughts on our start at podcasting.

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